Press Clippings

Food Network (TV) Food Fantasy Show, April 22nd, 2002

                Master Sommelier Andrea Immer (America's best sommelier, 1998) described Wine Aromas/Le Nez du Vin as "the coolest thing in the world...It's really a lot of fun"

The Wine Spectator

                "Whether for business or pleasure, as a wine education aid or a challenging game amongst friends, professional wine sensory kits for wine maker or merchant are becoming popular...."

New York Times

                "...Recognizing the aromas is more difficult than it sounds. It's like meeting an old friend on the street and not being able to remember his name! Le Nez du Vin is a great icebreaker...the minute you open the lid, everyone wants to get into the act!"

Washington Post

                "Sure, we'd all like to compare the precocious and peppery bouquet of a cabernet franc with the hints of linden tea leaves in a Quarts de Chaume. But what can a nose be so discriminating? The answer is, to some, $350 and practice. "Le Nez du Vin" kits offer chemical distillations of up to 54 aromas found in wine. The numbered vials correspond to flash cards identifying the scent (truffle, licorice, saffron) and its characteristics. There are also a $100 set for the "Faults of Wine" 12 telltale whiffs (vinegar, glue, rotten egg, musk) of a vintage gone bad."

Beverage Media

                "Our eyes are taught to recognize colors and our ears to hear music, but our nose has never been educated. Le Nez du Vin, an educational kit for the uneducated nose. Even a novice can be taught..."

Emile Peynaud

                "...a precious instrument for the education of the sense of smell and the olfactory memory."

Wine and Spirit Gazette, Harpers

                "...aimed at anyone wishing to increase their knowledge of and pleasure in wine, ranging from the somewhat bewildered novice to the professional or expert."

Michael Broadbent, Christie's:

                "...may be considered a graduate program..."

Gault Millau

                "Great connoisseur, Jean Lenoir, whose joyous passion and rare gift of sharing his knowledge have conquered all audiences..."

Wine Magazine

"Learning to distinguish the different scents of wine is one of the best ways of making progress in wine tasting. But, finding the vocabulary to describe a particular aroma can leave us at a loss for words."

                "Simply the best wine education kits around and the only one we recommend or sell in that matter."