About us

Our goal at Wine Aromas – Le Nez du Vin is to provide wine aficionados, as well as neophytes, with high quality, wine educational products.
The Wine Aromas - Le Nez du Vin Series is a discovery tool to educate and develop your sense of smell and enhance your enjoyment of wine.
Our enjoyment of wine is entirely linked to our sense of smell.

As famed wine author Dewey Markham Jr. eloquently explains:
"We have forgotten how to recognize smells. To varying degrees, most of us have acquired the habit of closing off our sense of smell. It is really a matter of self-defense. We are continually surrounded by smells and, if we gave due attention to everyone that came our way in the course of the day, we would find ourselves overwhelmed by the amount of sensory information we would need to process. So, we get into the habit of not concentrating and it is only when someone specifically brings it to our attention (Do you smell something burning?) that we focus on our sense of smell.
Consequently, we end up forgetting what things smell like and, when we come across a smell that is detached from its traditional source, we may find that it is almost impossible to identify. For many people, the smell of an apple may be familiar and frustratingly unrecognizable, unless they see the apple and can anchor the smell to a visual reference. This conundrum also occurs when we are presented with a glass of wine. When we raise the glass to our nose, we know that there is a smell; but what is it? The only visual clue we have is a red or white liquid, which is not at all suggestive of what we are trying to identify. Unfortunately, we cannot simply say, "It smells like wine," and be done with it. There is something there that we have smelled before and, until we can identify it, it is like an itch that cannot be scratched."

As a wine drinker, this was exactly the problem I was faced with. Due to an inability to put a name to what I smelled, I was unable to discuss wine in common terms. I found the solution in the Wine Aromas - Le Nez du Vin Series and you will too.
Our Aroma Kits teach you to recognize and describe the aromas that compose wine. Individual aroma vials, their accompanying books and beautifully illustrated cards allow you to reference information in the comfort of your home. In the past, to achieve such an understanding of wine, you had to either be an expert working in a winery or a wine store.
The truly passionate would spend hours at the neighborhood farmers’ market or florist, smelling the produce, fruits and flowers to train their sense of smell.

Wine Aromas - Le Nez du Vin is simply about empowering anyone who wishes to better understand and take more pleasure in drinking wine.

Anton Reznik & Sebastien Gavillet